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  1. Pronunciation Power




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Now I’d like to show u one of the lesson plan formats.


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Hi! I think this would complete your lesson plan if u add this sheet especially for teaching vocabulary.


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Hi everyone how r u? I’ve got the assignment to find authentic materials for teaching . Here are some addresses for that and hope to help you find it quickly. Good Luck!

Exploiting Authentic Sources on the Internet


News on the Internet

The Guardian Weekly – Learn English

This site has articles on current developments in English language teaching as well as lesson plans incorporating Guardian Weekly news items.

Follow the link to View additional classroom materials.

You must register with your name and e-mail address to access these materials.




Bangkok Post



  1. 1.      World newspapers

Locate an English language online newspaper from your own country. What is its name?



  1. 2.      BBC News

Using this site or one of the other online news sites locate an article on swine flu.



  1. 3.      BBC Online subject related articles

Find an interesting authentic text.



  1. 4.      BBC A Day in Pictures

How could you use this site or A Week in Pictures in your teaching? Note down some ideas.













Listening on the Internet


Breaking News English


Voice of America


  1. 5.      BBC News

Listen Live to the World Briefing

What was the subject of 3 of the news items you heard?







ESL Podcards


British Council Learn English Podcasts


BBC English Podcasts

6 minute English



  1. 6.      Video nation

Explore this site and locate an interesting video.


Other interesting materials

  1. 7.      Go to: Topics Online Magazine for learners of English

See if you can search and find an interesting authentic text related to your country.  q





  1. 8.      BBC Country Profiles

How could you use this authentic material in the language classroom?




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everybody’s busy

Hai Blogger! seems that everyone is busy or facebook might be more interesting?


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hai hadirin penggemar blog, sahur n jangan kegatelan ama facebook aja!mana janajinya untuk ngisi berita di blog.
by now

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Back on my feet again!

Morgen, liebe Freunde und dear friends!

Really sorry for not getting in touch with you all, you know I was sent to the beautiful city jayapura and I really enjoyed staying there.

But now I’m back on my feet again (Ich bin jetzt auf meinem Fusse), hoping to share experience while staying there. Having worked at Rindam 17,  I have learnt so much from TNI members there and realized how hard they live their life! fighting against malaria and fighting for high living cost there. That’s it for now ’cause I have to attend the morning roll call.


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